Linx Digital Niagara Falls Review

These days you need more than just a simple website to stay ahead of the competition, because as the technology evolves, consumers will demand more from your company. Fortunately you don’t need to prepare a large budget to hire a good Niagara Falls web design company, because Linx Digital offers a lot of value for your money.

Graphic and Web Design Services

Your business won’t get anywhere without a good website, and Linx Digital offers plenty for you in this regard. Unlike other companies that just offer a basic website design service, Linx Digital goes beyond the basics and offers HTML, CSS, WordPress, hosting, and more. You may not use all of them, and may just have a particular feature in mind, but the fact that they’re available goes to show how dedicated they are.

Graphic and web design

What really sets Linx Design apart from other designers is the way they create websites: fully functional, low cost, and in line with what the client wants. Their website has a link to their most recent works, and you’ll see that their design concepts are pretty good.

The company also offers a nice graphic design package, and again, it’s hard to emphasize how important this is.          So many websites fail in the aesthetics department because of badly chosen colors, styles and themes, but Linx Digital solves this problem for you as they’ll take care of creating the logo, flyers, business cards and other designs you have in mind.

Marketing Service

Just for the two services mentioned above, Linx Digital would be worth a look, but there’s more to the company than that. For instance they also offer an email marketing service where you get an email list for your clients. With this you can send out updates, promotions and other offers in one go. Linx Digital can also create email templates, sign up forms, an email list or the email itself. This is a very convenient feature that anyone trying to build or expand a client base will find useful.

Social Media Integration

Social media is everywhere, and your website won’t be complete without integrating them. Linx Digital can help here too as they have the tools that will keep your site linked up to Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Because social media support is integrated with our graphic and web design services, you don’t have to worry about hiring another company to help integrate your business with these platforms.


This is actually one of the most important services that Linx Digital offers, and if you’re a webmaster you’ll know why. If your website isn’t fully optimized for SEO, no one will be able to find it, rendering it worthless. But because Linx Digital ensures your site is fully optimized, you’ll get a rank boost at the same time.

Taking everything into consideration, Linx Digital is without question one of, if not the, best Niagara Falls web design company options available for businesses today. Their rates are affordable, and they offer way more than other web designers, making them a good choice.

Fine Dining and More at DoubleTree Resort and Spa And Buchanans Review

One of the great things about visiting the Niagara Falls is there are lots of restaurants to choose from, and one of the most popular right now is Buchanans Chophouse at DoubleTree Resort and Spa. Aside from giving guests the opportunity to dine near the Falls, the restaurant offers you plenty in terms of entertainment and food.

What to Expect at Buchanans

There’s a reason why a lot of visitors are patronizing Buchanans, and one of them is the buffet breakfast a la carte for weekdays, and you can also savor dinner and lunch a la carte as well. A lot of thought clearly went into the place’s design, and the Grand Lodge is certainly one of the attractions here as it’s both comfortable and warm.

Menu wise Buchanans is as good as it gets with select salads, pasta, seafood, rack of lamb and hand cut steaks. You can find some of these in other restaurants, but Buchanans is different because their ingredients are all carefully selected and premium grade. In addition, the aforementioned wines and locally brewed beer will certainly appeal even to the pickiest drinkers.

Buchanans Restaurant Niagara Falls

Other Amenities

The DoubleTree Resort offers guests not just a full featured restaurant, but also a coffee bar and in-room dining. For wine lovers and connoisseurs, you can choose from a wide array of VQA wines as you listen to some soothing piano or jazz guitar on the weekends. Or if you’re looking for some Starbucks just drop by the Moose & Squirrel Coffee Bar and get your fill there. The coffee served here is of the premium kind, and a quick sip will tell you that the stuff has been roasted and prepared by an expert.

Actually the place offers more than just coffee, as there are some baked treats available here as well as cocktails, wine, sandwiches, bottled and tap beer and more. Besides the restaurant, there’s an outdoor patio at DoubleTree where you can savor the beer, perfect if you’re visiting during the summer months or any season actually.

In addition, DoubleTree has the Yukiguni Japanese Restaurant where you can feast on Japanese American and traditional Japanese cuisine. If you’re in the mood for some sushi, teriyaki, sashimi, tempura and other goodies, then this is the place to be.

If you want to know more about the Buchanans Chophouse, you can visit the official website where you’ll find additional information about their specialties and other offers.

A Review of the Niagara Falls Hilton

The Niagara Falls is a beautiful place and is visited by millions of people every year. Therefore it’s no surprise there are plenty of hotels in the area, but really, few of them can match the Niagara Falls Hilton in terms of features, price and accommodation.

Spectacular Views and Attractions

Spectacular is used too often and inappropriately, but that’s a pretty apt description for the views you’ll get on the Niagara Falls Hilton. Rising 53 storeys over the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls, the place is designed for the family, couples looking for a romantic getaway, and anyone who wants to have fun.

Besides the gorgeous views of the Falls, there are plenty of other attractions here to keep you interested such as the indoor walkway which takes you to the Fallsview Casino Resort. Covering an area of more than 100,000 square feet, this casino is full of the gaming goodness you’d expect, and there’s also a 1500 seat theatre too, and the Watermark Fallsview Restaurant offers a fine array of dishes that’ll satisfy your carvings. The restaurant was revamped recently, and now it offers more treats, but the beautiful view remains the same.


Featured Packages

Aside from these attractions, Niagara Falls Hilton has several featured packages to meet the needs and budgets of different people. Their Family Feature Package includes city wide shuttle passes, buffet breakfast for up to 4 and a dinner voucher good for $25. In addition, you get a 2 bedroom suite that can sleep up to six people.

Their Fallsview Dining Package includes one night accommodation with a $100 dinner voucher, and a breakfast buffet for two with a value of $50. Now for couples looking for a romantic time together, there are several packages available including one with a $40 dinner voucher, full breakfast buffet, a king studio with Jacuzzi and other amenities.

In addition, there is a Couples Adventure Package which includes an admission pass to the White Water Park, Niagara’s Fury, Journey Behind the Falls and the Hornblower Niagara Cruises. In addition you will get a $65 dinner voucher, full buffet breakfast and more. All of these offerings are in addition to the amenities that each room in the hotel provides for their guests.

If you’re looking for more information about Niagara Falls Hilton, you can visit their website where you can find their latest package offerings, rates and special accommodations.